has high-grade equipment and the best digital tools on the market. With more than 25 years in the world of music and working  more than 17 years professionally.
High grade Hi-Fi Amphion speakers


These 3-way speakers work from 28Hz to 20KHz without subwoofer, in a room with acoustic treatment for perfect reproduction of all frequencies and an incredibly accurate stereo image.

These high-end speakers help you to find problems that cannot be heard with other monitors. Equalization, compression and stereo image can be adjusted much better, we can hear very subtle changes.

The room is acoustically treated to achieve the most natural linear response possible without corrections and achieve adequate reverberation time in the room.


Good tools, good works!

A good job needs good tools. Luckily the audio software has advanced a lot and today it is practically impossible to differentiate between hardware-software tools. 

The studio have super clean tools and others with a lot of character to add the necessary mojo.

 Hard work and passion

The machines have advanced a lot in recent years, but the most important thing is the person behind them.

The most important is a very satisfied client.

We will get what you are looking for!

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